Mastering Vertical Access in Brickwork Construction

How can mast climbers transform your brickwork project?

 Looking to optimise efficiency in your brickwork construction?

Mast climbers, perfectly suited for around 85% of construction projects, often go overlooked, especially in brickwork projects.

With the unmatched versatility and efficiency of MCWPs, bricklayers and construction professionals can work at different heights with newfound ease and precision on site, resulting in significantly improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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This FREE guide will show you the advantages and real-world examples of the impact of mast climbers on brickwork projects.

What To Expect In This Guide?

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Mast climbers have become a preferred choice among bricklayers due to their proven safety and efficiency advantages, be sure to keep them in mind when you're planning for a brickwork project.

The benefits mast climbers offer can significantly enhance a brickwork project's efficiency and profitability, making MCWPs adoption a smart choice whenever possible.

This guide aims to offer valuable insights into how MCWPs can enhance your brickwork project and give you the confidence to integrate mast climbers into your upcoming construction projects.

It covers...  

  • Mast Climbers vs Scaffolding for Brickwork
  • The Advantages of Height Adjustability in Brickwork 
  • Insights from The IPAF Global Safety Report 2023
  • Bricklayers' View on MCWPs
  • Double Stacked Mast Climbers for High-Rise Projects
  • Much More…. 

Bricklayers Who Have Worked With Mast Climbers Never Look Back

If you're a bricklayer and have managed brickwork projects, you've felt the challenges firsthand. Finding the right access solution can be the key to easing your workload, boosting efficiency, and ensuring your safety on the job.

Explore how adopting mast climbers instead of traditional scaffolding saves you time and energy, simplifies your workflow and make your job smoother whilst substantially slashing project expenses.

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Mast Climber Highlights In The Guide...🔍

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Cost Savings

When you compare the cost of scaffolding and mast climbers at different heights, you can see the potential savings that can be made.


Days Spent On-Site 

Time is money.  The efficient setup and dismantling process ensures smoother and drastically faster project completions compared to scaffolding


Health And Safety

Mast climbers offer a secure and stable platform for workers to perform tasks at heights, eliminating the risks of fall from scaffold and MSK disorder

About BFT Mastclimbing 

Starting off as a scaffolding company in 1997, BFT, also known as Boards, Fittings & Tubes, soon recognised that client demands were evolving, but scaffolding wasn't. Slow to erect and dismantle, awkward to transport and always limiting ambition, mast climbers proved the opposite to these scaffolding woes. 

The moment the speed and savings became apparent, BFT saw the future of vertical access changing dramatically. Since then, it has been proving the commercial benefits of Mast Climbing Work Platforms, MCWPs, to public and private sites across the UK, helping businesses save thousands of pounds and hours each and every year.