The Ultimate Guide To Mast Climbers

Have you considered new forms of vertical access for your construction project? 

Do you know the options you choose can significantly increase the savings you make, and the number of days spent on-site?  

Interested in finding out how?  

This FREE eBook explains all aspects of mast climbing and why many trades are using it on their projects.

What To Expect In This Guide?

Providing construction industry decision-makers with the tools to select the right equipment for their projects this guide is essential reading for those interested in vertical access. Mast climbers are gradually becoming more common up and down the country, but their benefits are still often overlooked.  

This guide breaks down all the key information, presenting it in a way that you can understand, guiding your decisions.

It covers...  

  • What is a mast climber? 
  • Compare mast climbers with scaffolding 
  • What mast climbers can be used for 
  • The Cost of mast climbers 
  • Mast Climber Myths Debunked 
  • Much More…. 
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Get Your Work Completed Quickly And Safely

If you’re a project manager, quantity surveyor, or responsible for health and safety, you need to find ways to cut costs, get work completed quicker and create a safer construction site.  

A mast climber provides precisely that, but it’s a vertical access option that is overlooked for the more traditional approach of scaffolding.  

In reality, the perfect option for your construction project is; to combine mast climbers and scaffolding.  

Download the eBook to find out exactly why.  

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Mast Climber Highlights Found In The Guide...🔍

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Cost Savings

When you compare the cost of scaffolding and mast climbers at different heights, you can see the potential savings that can be made.

Find out what percentage you could save on buildings of all sizes.


Days Spent On-Site 

Cost isn’t only the money spent on a project, it’s also the time, too. After all, they say time is money.  

Comparing both mast climbers and scaffolding, this eBook presents you with the days that you could save.


Health And Safety

Health and safety have never been more important. Making sure your trades are fit, healthy and safe should be top of your priority.  

Looking at the latest data, this eBook supports the case for mast climbers.

About BFT Mastclimbing 

Starting as a provider of scaffolding some 25 years ago, BFT (boards, fittings and tubes) soon noticed that the demands of clients were gradually changing. Scaffolding, however, wasn’t.  

Slow to erect, and awkward to transport, it became clear that mast climbers were the future of vertical access; slashing down project costs, maximising days on-site and providing a safer setting to work in.  

Since this realisation, BFT has amassed a fleet of over 1,800 MCWPs, serving construction sites up and down the country. On top of this, it has a dedicated training facility at its headquarters in Milton Keynes.  

With this approach to safety, BFT ensures the highest possible standards for the industry.  

Want to learn more about mast climbers and why they can be an advantage to your next construction project?

Download the eBook to find out exactly why.